Top 5 Weird Couple Quirks

by LWS


Once you’ve grown comfortable around each other, all couples start developing habits or doing certain things that they describe as “weird”. But how weird are most couple things? Turns out, not at all. Every couple has their own quirks, which is completely normal and expected, and often times encouraged. Here are the current top 5 weird things couples do:


You secretly spy on the neighbors.


Let’s face it: we’ve all become our parents when it comes to being a nosy neighbor. But how can you not look when they’re making so much noise? You know it’s been a good day when  you can talk all about what Sally and Bob got up to!


You groom each other.


As in, you help pop those hard to reach pimples, assist in cutting hair, take care of that just out of reach itch, and just maybe trade manis and pedis. It’s totally, completely normal.


You give each other the most ridiculous pet names. 


While there’s the normal ‘honey’ ‘babe’ and ‘sweetie’, there’s also the silly ones you only use in private. Whether it’s ‘shue shue’, ‘cuddle butt’, or even just ‘bambino’, everybody does it. Just don’t slip up and use a nickname in from of company!


Spontaneous tickle fights. 


The glory about being so close to somebody is you learn everything about them. Even their tickle spots, if they have any. So, when it seems like a good time, just go in with a full on tickle assault. It’ll burn a few calories, get your daily dose of laughter, and secretly is a lot of fun. Just watch out for retaliation!


and the number 1 weird thing couples do,

Shower together.


No matter if it’s for pleasure, or simply just how you go about getting clean, a good amount of single people and  even some couples say this is the weirdest thing a couple can do. Hey, why not save water, and make it fun too? Especially if you have a large enough shower, this isn’t an issue at all. A shower head with a hose attachment is recommended though, so nobody hogs the stream.



Did your couple quirk make the list? Think we got it all wrong? Let us know what your weird quirks are as a couple, and we will revise our list!

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