Top 5 Silly Wedding Day Fears

by LWS

You’ve been waiting all this time, preparing, anticipating. Finally, the big day is here! Suddenly, everything seems like it has the possibility to go wrong, and all you can think about is the bad aftermath. Well lucky for you, everybody experiences these silly fears, and it’s not too easy to overcome your wedding day anxieties. Here are the top 5 wedding day fears, and why they are really silly:


Tripping on your gown while walking down the isle


In your mind you picture yourself beautifully gliding down the isle to your groom among all your family and friends, and the next you’re kissing the ground. Don’t fret! Tripping down the isle is such an uncommon thing. Make sure your isle runner is non-slip, and properly attached with no wrinkles or loose ends. Next, make sure to wear heels in a height you’re comfortable walking in. It also doesn’t hurt to practice!


Not a single person shows up


Waiting for all of the RSVPs to come in is definitely nerve racking. Take a breath, and give it time. Once the RSVP deadline comes, wait a week and then call or email out a reminder to unresponsive guests.  Don’t take the email or phone call as the RSVP- gently remind them to mail back the RSVP card to ensure their spot.


You’re too anxious to enjoy your own big day


With all the worrying and stressing you’ve been doing to prepare for this, why would you not do the same on your big day? Don’t worry so much about how things are going the day of, especially if they are out of control. Trust your wedding party to help you out any way they can, and try to relax, and enjoy your celebration of love.


The sky turns black, and suddenly it’s storming


Nobody wants to be rained out, especially if you are having an outdoor ceremony. Rather than having this terrible misfortune, always have a secondary plan for rain. Many tent rental companies can easily have flooring installed beneath the tent, just for the chance of rain. Plus, you can always get a really gorgeous blue umbrella- it’ll keep you dry, and keep the traditions alive.


The fear that something, somehow, will go wrong


Don’t focus on what could happen! Instead, focus on everything that has gone right. No matter if it does rain, or if you do trip, your wedding day is a day to celebrate the union between you and your beloved. Focus on all the love and the joy the day brings you, and remember that no matter how the day turns out, it’ll be one you talk about fondly for years to come.



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