Summer Boat Weddings

by LWS

Summer is (un)officially here! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and it is truly gorgeous outside. With weather like this, why have an indoor wedding?

Why not take to the water?

Now, no matter where you have your big day on the open water, you’ll have special memories of clear skies and beautiful water. There are plenty of options for boat weddings! From large yachts, to small fishing boats. From exotic locations,

Boat Wedding Croatia



Maui Destination wedding Maui

and Maui.


To destination cities,


Lake Tahoe,


St Petersburg FL

St. Petersburg,


Newport Beach

Newport Beach,


Los Angeles

and Los Angeles.



The possibilities are endless. Unable to travel very far? There’s always options!

San Francisco is never too far away.

SF Bay San Francisco Bay


No water near you, and still want your big day to make a splash?

Take to the ponds and lakes within your favorite local park. A rowboat is a boat after all! Plus, how cute does a couple in a rowboat look? You can reenact the scene from The Little Mermaid… SO cute, so romantic.

row-boat-wedding-photos rowboat


Summer is a wonderful time to have a wedding, with all these great summer wedding ideas.

So make your dreams come true and start planning your extra special big day.

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