Quick Tips For A Flawless Walk Down The Aisle

by LWS

The bridal march is the crescendo of the wedding, the wonderful build-up to the meeting of bride and groom as they are united as one. This is the part where all eyes are on you, whether you are accompanied or alone; why not make it as flawless as you can?


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Here are 3 quick tips to be a confident bride.


1. Hold your head high, and walk with airs of confidence
There’s a room full of people gathered today, and they’re here to celebrate you and your soon to be spouse. Pull all your happiness together, and really rock that aisle. Smile, and gracefully walk towards your groom, be sure not to go too slow, but also be mindful not to race down; He’s not going anywhere!




2. Be aware
Sometimes things happen, like a wrinkle in the rug. Be cautious and mindful of every step you take, without looking down constantly. If it helps, every ten steps or so glance down briefly to be sure you have a clear path, but always try to have your head held high, smile in place when you can.


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3. Breathe!
Everybody is on their feet, ready to see you march by. Don’t panic! These are the people who love and support you. Even if your face shows that you are nervous, be sure to always keep in mind that no matter what happens, your big day will always end as planned.

Hopefully these quick tips can help with some pre-wedding jitters, and your big day goes off without a hitch!

Photo Credit: Andrea Polito Photography; Life Unexpected


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