Non-Floral Bouquets

by LWS


Weddings are meant to be a beautiful celebration of love, and more often than not flowers are everywhere. While everyone loves the look of massive arrangements and elaborate bouquet, sometimes you just want to do something a bit different.



This option is especially nice for the sentimental bride; You can collect brooches from the important people in your life to build a completely custom bouquet, which also doubles as your something borrowed!



Perfect for Spring and Summer! You could choose from many options here; all butterflies, butterflies and flowers, traditional colors, rainbow variety, the list goes on. While the butterflies look gorgeous, they are extremely fragile, so if you’re clumsy or you want to keep them perfect for years to come, you have to be gentle.



They don’t wilt, they come in a great variety of colors, and they’re always on hand. Buttons make a very fashionable choice for a bouquet, and you still have a ton of style options!



Its youthful, playful, and makes a great snack at the altar! Candy bouquets are gorgeous, and depending on if you get them treated with a sealant or not, edible after the I Do’s! The only downside to choosing candy is that your bouquet will be sensitive to temperature, and will eventually lose it’s coloring.



The glory of paper flowers is they are inexpensive, once you learn some Origami. The downfall is that they are pretty fragile if you aren’t careful. There are tons of options here, from pages from your favorite book, to a song, to a map of where you met. Paper ages relatively well if sealed right, and even if it’s just on a shelf the aged paper looks great for your anniversaries.



Having a bouquet that follows the season is wonderful! Fall and Winter have many, many options that look wonderful. Summer and Spring however are usually the time for flowers, so you’d have to get a bit more creative. Bonus:Your bouquet now doubles as decor for the seasons!




No matter what options you choose, having a bouquet, or even a single flower or pinwheel, seems to be a tradition that’s going to stick around for a very long time. No matter what you choose, make it your own and rock your wedding!


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