DIY Glitter Bridal Shoes

by LWS


Glittered heels aren’t new so much, but they sure do make a statement! Making your own opens up so many possibilites- you can do the full shoe, the bottom of the shoe, or even add quirky accents!

Achieving the look is very simple, and you only need a few items, which all can usually be found at the dollar store!

What you need:

  • Newspapers, an opened trashbag, dropcloth… Something to catch the mess!
  • Modpodge
  • Coffee filter (To catch the glitter)
  • Donor heels
  • Glitter of your choice
  • Painter’s tape or masking tape
  • A slightly moistened paintbrush (for application)
  • a smaller clean, dry paintbrush (for touch-ups)


Before you start, you want to make sure you have a gameplan. Figure out what parts you want glittered, if you are not doing the whole shoe, and mask off the areas to not be glittered.


Once you have the area sectioned off, you want to take the slightly moistened paintbrush and dip it into the Modpodge, then paint a even layer on your shoe. Try not to add too much, but at the same time make sure the entire surface is nicely covered. You want the paintbrush to be slightly moistened so it spreads easier. Dipping a dry paintbrush into Modpodge sometimes can just cause a mess!


Once the area is covered in Modpodge, sprinkle, sprinkle away! add your glitter to the glue, making sure to be generous enough to cover the entire surface. The coffee filter is perfect right now, as it’ll catch the falling glitter, which you can then use for touch ups or making sure everything is even.

If you find the surface not quite glittery enough or you see color peeking through, feel free to add another layer of Modpodge, then glitter, as many times as needed.


Finally, use the smaller paintbrush it brush off any mistakes or overage, and leave to dry with the masking tape in place, at least 3 hours; Although 24 hours is recommended for full curing. Once it has had adequate time to dry, carefully remove the painter’s tape and admire your work.

Congrats! You now have beautiful glittered heels, the perfect pop of excitement underneath your dress! Enjoy your big day!



PS: If you aren’t wearing heels, you can always do this to your wedding flats, Chucks, boots…etc!


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