Choosing Colors For Your Big Day

by LWS

Congratulations! You’re getting married! 🙂 Your wedding is in December! 🙂 You still haven’t chosen a color! 🙁 Fear not, today’s blog will help you in deciding how to choose what color [or colors] to use in your wedding while making sure this most important decision is true to who you are.
Colors for autumn/winter weddings tend to be on the darker side and the trending colors for this winter are no different according to Pantone, Inc. Pantone is a world renowned company known for is color match machine.  Pantone, Inc. is also know for it’s annual declaration of the color of the year as well as popular colors through out the year.  The Pantone Fall 2014 list of colors includes Cypress, Sangria, Royal Blue, and the color of the year: Radiant Orchid.

Pantone 2014 Colors

Pantone, Inc. Fall 2014 Color Report

So the first question to ask yourself is, “How will I decide what color to use for my wedding?” You may choose to use your favorite color. You may elect to use a color that is on trend for the season. You may decide you love the amazing pastel color in the spring edition of your favorite wedding magazine and you must have it. You may take into consideration the mood you want to set on your wedding day. You may also take consider the skin tones of your bridal party, or any combination of the above. The possibilities are endless!

Is your favorite color is a light pink or pale blue? Think about kicking it up a few notches and going several shades darker. IF your favorite color is on the darker side, consider selecting an on trend color as an accent to give it a modern twist.

Pantone Radiant Orchid - Wedding Ideas

Pantone, Inc. Radiant Orchid – Wedding Ideas

You may elect to use one of Pantone’s colors of the season and incorporate your favorite color as an accent color. You could tie in your favorite color by using it in the bouquets and boutonnieres; as the color for the accessories for the women of the bridal party; or even as a sash or belt for your own gown.

Fuschia & Blue

Fuchsia & Blue – Be Bold

The same ideas can be used for that lovely pastel you saw on the cover of the bridal magazine while standing in line at the grocery store. However, instead of using a darker shade of the color you fell in love with, use a shade of silver or grey.


Mint & Grey

Mint & Grey – When you just want a pastel

Or maybe you want all of your guests to know the day’s events will be a guaranteed good time with friends, family and loved ones or that the day is all about romance. Use of a vibrant color such as turquoise or a bold pink can tell your guest they are at the party of the year without uttering a word while blush and muted colors lead to a more subdued and romantic atmosphere.

Torquoise & Pink - The Party Starters

Turquoise & Pink – The Party Starters

The bottom line is this is your big day. The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing your color is ensuring you choose a color that will make you smile, not cringe, when you look at the photos 20 years from now.

Congratulations again and happy planning!

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