Brodal Showers Trend Is Catching Fire

by LWS

Ahhh, wedding season. If it’s not the season to get married, it’s the season to get engaged. With summer and fall weddings approaching, bridal showers are upon us all. Usually this fun celebration is for the birds– The ladies enjoy sipping dainty cocktails and opening gifts, and it’s always going to be a tradition for all the invited women. What exactly is the male equivalent? Enter the brodal shower.




What exactly is a brodal shower you ask? As reported by BuzzFeed staffers, it’s a bridal shower for the groom, and his bros. Corny enough for you yet? Name aside, this recent wedding trend is super hot right now, for couples of all types.

Not to be confused with the bachelor party, which still is home to all kinds of pre-wedding shenanigans,  a brodal shower is when you gather with your friends, drink a beer or two while eating a manly (we can only assume) meal, and give the husband-to-be some useful (or not) gifts. This is a more relaxed version of a bachelor party, and much more family friendly than say, a Vegas party with all the fixin’s. It’s a great reason to gather up your male friends, have a brew and some food, and celebrate your marriage; all while relaxing.


The glory of this relaxed celebration is that you can have just about any theme, if you choose to go that route. The Lumbersexual theme shown in the photos was the brainchild of BuzzFeed staffer Ahmed Akbar, set to be married in July 2016. They played games such as decorate the beard, drank “beard tickler” shots, and applied fake tattoos to each other at the jolly party.


Another Buzzfeed staffer decided to go the route of the Dark Knight with a Batman themed brodal shower. The options are endless!


This fun new trend is perfect for the relaxed groom, and is just another excuse to party. This opens up more options for grooms, and brings more fun to the wedding process. With all the potential fun ideas for these brodal parties, this trend might be one that sticks around, for a while at least.

Will you be taking part?

All photos courtesy BuzzFeed.

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