Bridesmen and Groomswomen- Breaking Traditions

by LWS

Traditionally, women have their closest friends, all female, to stand with them at the altar. Conversely, men have their closest male friends. But, what happens if the bride has more close male friends, or vice versa? It’s time to break traditions.


Including bridesmaids and groomsmen in the wedding ceremony dates back to ancient Rome. As highly-honored guests, those selected would wear matching attire, with the bridesmaids wearing their hair in soft curls that hung down their backs, and a simple headband. This is reflected in a lot of ancient Roman works of art.

As the Romans were very superstitious, ten each of bridesmaids and groomsmen were appointed, to protect the bride and groom from evil spirits. Dressed identically to the bride and groom, the vile demons would not be able to target the bride and groom, theoretically.


Over time, these superstitions were forgotten, and the tradition continues on. However, in this day and age, having a mixed gender group of friends is more common than not, and more and more brides have bridesmen accompanying them at the altar. While seen less frequently, groomswomen are also gaining popularity as traditions are being bent and broken as time goes on.


What do you think about bridesmen and groomswomen? Too much of a deal breaker, or the next hottest trend? Would you be open to this for your wedding? Let us know!


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