WIN a Free Magazine Feature and Engagement Photo

by LWS

  Want a chance to be photographed by one of the hottest photographers in the area PLUS have that photo featured in Sacramento Bride and Groom Magazine*? Exclusive to Luxury Wedding Shows, We have partnered with Carlos Valentino Photography and Sacramento Bride and Groom Magazine to offer this luxurious prize to our brides! How do  Read More

50 Years of Wedding Hairstyles

by LWS

  50 years is a long time for both fashion and wedding trends. In fact, in the span of one to two years, what’s popular can become the complete opposite. YouTube beauty guru Kayley Melissa partnered with BuzzFeed to make a video that showcases the most popular wedding hairstyles, from the 1960s until today. Do you see  Read More

Bare It All: Makeup Free Brides

by LWS

While it’s not an entirely new concept, many brides are opting to go makeup free. While each bride has their own reasons for wearing or not wearing makeup, each and every bride always ends up looking absolutely stunning. Some women with oily skin do not wear makeup on a daily basis, so why would they  Read More

Our Time

by LWS

      After all the planning, and all the stress, Here I stand like a Queen, in my wedding dress. After all the hard work, and all the spent bucks, Here you are reading my note, dressed handsomely in your tux. It’s felt like forever since you first asked me to wed, But I  Read More

Top 5 Weird Couple Quirks

by LWS

Once you’ve grown comfortable around each other, all couples start developing habits or doing certain things that they describe as “weird”. But how weird are most couple things? Turns out, not at all. Every couple has their own quirks, which is completely normal and expected, and often times encouraged. Here are the current top 5 weird things  Read More

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