Bare It All: Makeup Free Brides

by LWS

bare it all

While it’s not an entirely new concept, many brides are opting to go makeup free. While each bride has their own reasons for wearing or not wearing makeup, each and every bride always ends up looking absolutely stunning.


Some women with oily skin do not wear makeup on a daily basis, so why would they opt to wear it for one of the most memorable days of their lives? Makeup on oily skin can feel like even more of a mask. Your skin can not breathe well, and your already sensitive pores are clogged with more oil and dirt than ever. Plus, foundation feels itchy, and you’re constantly checking to make sure everything hasn’t run off because of how oily you get. Going au naturel is the way to go!


Ladies with dry skin have to deal with “flakes” of makeup and skin sometimes, or looking patchy and uneven if the makeup doesn’t sit properly. Can you say embarrassing? Plus, if you have larger pores, makeup ends up sometimes highlighting them, instead of minimizing as advertised.


Combination skin takes the issues from both previously mentioned skin types, and marries them in an un-holy union. Oily but dry and flaky in spots is not how most people want to remember their wedding day! These is only so much re-applying and blotting you can do.


Going natural for your big day is definitely a personal decision, and for some women it is just not an option. And you know what? That is perfectly okay. If you’re comfortable having your face in the buff, then rock on! But if wearing just a hint of makeup is more in your comfort zone, nobody is going to stop you. Because above all, your wedding day is only about two people; nobody else’s opinion truly matters.



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