50 Years of Wedding Hairstyles

by LWS


50 years is a long time for both fashion and wedding trends. In fact, in the span of one to two years, what’s popular can become the complete opposite.
YouTube beauty guru Kayley Melissa partnered with BuzzFeed to make a video that showcases the most popular wedding hairstyles, from the 1960s until today. Do you see a favorite hairstyle?

all years gif



They say history always repeats itself… Just like fashion! Seems like the 1960s are to the 200s….


…As the 70s are to today.

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Does that mean the next generation will bring back back-combed hair, AquaNet, and perms?




Regardless if the trends continue to repeat, they have all evolved, in their own way. Maybe the 2020s twist will be amazing?




If you want to see how Kayley magically pulled this all off, watch the full video below.



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