5 Hot Wedding Cake Trends To Follow

by LWS

Who gets a standard cake anymore? with all the customization and options available for weddings, the cake is perfect for adding your own touch as well. What wedding cake trend(s) are you in love with?


Metallic Cakes


Having a gold/silver/any other metal colored wedding? Why not add that flash of color to your cake as well? Not only do they look stunning when the light hits them, they can be adapted to any style or time period. Can you say Old-Hollywood glam?


Ruffled Cakes


Tres chic! This simple yet ultra glam wedding cake idea is perfect for simplistic weddings to lavish affairs. Skip the bold patterns, and let the ruffles do the talking. If you are still looking for a pop of color, opt for a satin ribbon or fresh cut flowers.


Naked Cakes


While the name alludes to something else, these cakes are simply regular layered cakes with cream or frosting between layers but the sides are not completely covered in frosting. This style of cake is perfect for that rustic feel, and can definitely fit any style. (Hello naked funfetti!) Goes great with fresh fruit, and is a sure-fire crowd pleaser.


White on White Cakes


Just because the name sounds simple and plain, doesn’t mean your cake has to be! Add dimension by adding in unique designs, florals, or jeweled accents. You can even add in edible accents- candied diamonds and pearls are a favorite.


Painted Wedding Cakes


Be as unique and creative with this one as possible! Or, let your baker be as creative as they’d like! Watercolors, stained glass, or even just doodles, it’s going to loo one of a kind and simply amazing.

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